BOOK REVIEW | Flashes of Vice: Vol I

flashes of vice 3d (2)
BOOK: Flashes Of Vice Vol I
AUTHOR: Vincent De Paul
GENRE: Flash Fiction
ISBN 13: 978-1490332505
ISBN 10: 1490332502
PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
REVIEWER: Nancy Oyula

Themes Covered in The Book

  • The  author writes of infidelity in marriages, politics and blackmail.
  • Land grabbing and the justice system (A very common narrative in Kenya).
  • Violence and revenge for those oppressed
  • Use of and effects of drugs.
  • Lack of of education, poverty,
  • Children who become parents at a young age and how it affects the life of the babies they give birth to, plus their future.
  • Corruption in places of authority and how some individuals are treated better than others; Inequality.
  • Rape. This is done by people who are not strangers. People  we know and perhaps interact with on a daily basis. In one story a father rapes his daughter, in another a lady is raped severally by her disgruntled lover.
  • Terrorism – how it has affected Islam as a religion. The role religion plays when terrorism acts happen
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