BOOK REVIEW - Flashes of Vice: Vol II

First published on Ronedion's World by Gideon Mutai, author and Poet
Book:      Flashes of Vice: Volume II
Reviewer:   Gideon Mutai
The book is a collection of short short stories (flash fiction). The author has employed immense suspense in the stories leaving the reader hungering for more or what happened next. Still, the fact that they are short makes it readable even for someone who has a busy schedule. It cannot take you more than ten minutes to read one story and that is manageable.
It is addictive when you begin reading and you will continue going to the next story and before you know, you are reading the blurb.
DSC_0707The stories have relatable settings. It is fictional yes but a reflection of what is happening but goes unreported in the media or put down in writing. I must confess that the author is talented or creative if not both.
Well, in my thought, what would make the book not to be made a school book is the sex aspect. Not that it is pornographic but it is erotic. One quote I didn’t agree with was in the same part “Sex itself is a substitute for God…” That shouldn’t make you not to read the book. It is good and worth your time. The language is superb and shows that the writer is widely read, traveled and updated at the same time.
I now want all the other books by the same author beginning with Flashes of Vice Vol I which I have not read,