State Secrets

DNSIS:          That was a classic performance out there, George. You handled those idiots well.

CID BOSS:    You know what the media jackals need. You just have to   throw them the bait and they will fight for it.

POLICE COMMISSIONER:    Pop the champagne, cheers we drink to the freaking weekend. Now the government is going to fund war on terrorism like yesterday. 
CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES:    Before you celebrate, Nick, pray that our boys finishes the job well. I don’t think we should be here in the first place. We should be out there with the masses. Just knowing that we are out there is motivation enough for the soldiers.

DNSIS:   Come on John, we are way past that. The boys know their job.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES:   Patrick, what happened? You know what we say in the  army. Or has civilian life rusted you?

DNSIS:    John, the Director National Security Intelligence Service is not supposed  to be seen in public. Don’t tell me you don’t know that.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES: Oh come on, Patrick. It is our troops we are sacrificing there. They need                                                   the motivation. Just by them knowing we are there…

DNSIS:    Relax, Mister Chief of Defence Forces. Your boys have been in Somalia. What are you afraid of? That they would die more than in Somalia?

CID BOSS:    Dudes, you should be debating about that some other time. I think we have played our part well…

POLICE COMMISSIONER: The plan is foolproof. Nothing would happen.

DNSIS:   I believe in it. We have tried for long to get the government fund terrorism. What do we get? A lot of political bickering and all. This should wake them  from their apathy.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES:  But lives would be lost, unless you want to risk blowing this up.

CID BOSS:                              I expected better from you. Of all people, you know that causalities are accepted in war.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES:  Yes, but kept to a minimum.

DNSIS:  And who said they would be maximum?

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES: And how do you know that those goons in there won’t go gaga and   massacre everyone.

POLICE COMMISSIONER:  They are well briefed; they know what they are supposed to do. CIA and Mossad vouched for them. They have had tremendous success in Libya, Syria,  Nigeria, Egypt, and for years, Afghanistan.

CID BOSS:  But why are you so concerned about it anyway? You were there during the initial planning. 
Westgate Siege, as media now call it, must be a terrorist act as any other.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES:   I was left out on when the actual operation was to be  launched. For God’s sake, my family is in there…

DNSIS:  What?

POLICE COMMISSIONER: Well, there is nothing we can do now. Plus, this is a CIA-Mossad thing. Ours was just to facilitate.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES: I don’t feel right about this.

DNSIS:  It would be alright. If it goes as per plan, no life would be lost.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES:  What has happened to causalities in war?

POLICE COMMISSIONER: If they happen, it’d be collateral damage, and that’s acceptable. After all it’d be lives lost for the greater good. Don’t tell us you have not had casualties in Somalia.

DNSIS:  I’m reading something in you, General. Are you  thinking of balking out now? It’s too late. It would not be long before Jicho Pevu pieces the pieces together and voila! You need to be in here where you can’t be touched.

CHIEF DEFENCE FORCES: If it comes to that, so help me God, to hell with state secrets.