Flashes of Vice Chronicles

Dear Readers/fans,

It has been motivating for your finding a home of flash fiction here on my blog since I began publishing flash stories last year.

It has been an awesome time every time I was composing the next story eager to have someone read and enjoy what imaginations and creations my mind has been embellishing. Thanks very much for your time.

It's now a year since this blog became officially a flash fiction site, and it has been exhilarating to me both as a self-publisher, editor and author.

Every year now I would be compiling all the flash stories published in that duration to a book, FLASHES OF VICE, to be published in all formats - Kindle, ebook, Paperback and Hardcover for those who do not have continued access to internet or who would love to have hard copy of my works.

However, all the stories would be indefinitely available here, unless there would be an internet Armageddon and Google would be totally wiped out.

Many thanks to each and every one of you. You are great guys.


Vincent de Paul
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Author and Poet.