Robbed By Flesh

Today’s youth – our beloved sons and daughters – are worthless, good for nothing schmucks.
   My beautiful wife, Lizzie, died seven years ago. The grief almost killed me, but I have at last accepted. Her only legacy to me is her undying love, and the most precious gift on earth – our daughter Joan. I treasure her so much, and I would do anything for her. Well, that’s what I have done. She has everything in this whole wide wild world.

            Nonetheless, Jo is just like any other delinquent. Even after giving her the best education, the most luxurious life – an epitome of envy by her peers – all what she could do was rob me. I wish I could understand, but how could she?

            When she was kidnapped three weeks ago and her abductors demanded ten million shillings ransom, I did not hesitate. I could even give the whole world to secure her release.

However, even after paying the ransom her abductors didn’t keep their part of the bargain. That was until today in the morning when she came with tears on her eyes and confessed.

“It was Rob,” she cried. “My boyfriend. We cooked everything up. Dad, am so sorry I stole from you.” Like she was contrite.

How could she? She’s the sole beneficiary of all my wealth.

Am still wondering – why the hell did she come back?

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