Gospels of Damnation

"What's wrong with the world today?" Pastor Winfred asked hercongregation. "How do you expect our children to be morally upright when what we do id preach gospels of damnation to them?" Her voice rose above the clatter of anything else, amplified a thousand times by the loud speakers, piercing the streets from the Central Park.

"TVs today are over-pumped with concoctions of estrogen and testosterone, too much sex being advocated for by Safe Sex and Contraceptives Campaigns. There are a little too many adverts of hedonism, crime, violence, perversion, injustice, and vengeance.

"Gone are the sermons of abstinence, respect for human dignity and life, parental guidance and G-Rating what's broadcast on TV. Communication has being confined to gadgets of vanity and profanity, parenting left to Mr. & Mrs. Google and a young unmarried couple you call Facebook and Twitter in search of money that's never enough. Not to mention that the Bible and the Qur'an are now an application on your iPhones and BlackBerries.

"When I look at humanity today I feel sorry for being alive. We live the gospels of damnation to the dire neglect of the true gospels of salvation." Pastor Winfred scanned the masses before continuing.

All was silent you could have thought the Central Park was a morgue.

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