The Rogue Priest #7

At the Baden-Württemberg camp I joined the others and we were brainwashed with creed and dogma.

“We are asasiyun,” said the man who was introduced to us as Oberst Silenen. “We are the true believers and faithful of the foundation of faith.”

After the speech Oberst Silenen declared the training officially open, and since then I have never seen or heard of him again (it’s like he never existed).

First thing was to turn us to multi-lingual humans (I speak French, Germany, Latin, Greek and Spanish in addition to English and Kiswahili and other dialects I have picked along the way).

As days turned weeks to months I witnessed a great change in me. After two years of training that saw us recruited into the not known Sovereign Military Order of the Roman Catholic (SMORC), we graduated

SMORC is a sect in the Catholic Church with historical links to the Cent Swisses (who were Louis XI’s bodyguards), the Knights Templar, the Assassins (of the order of Nizari Ismailis) and the Sicarii (an extremist splinter group of the Jewish Zealots – terrorists – opposed to the Roman rule and partisans before the destruction of the temple in 70AD).

SMORC is one of the well-guarded TOP SECRETs of the Catholic Church. It is an order of trained killers who are used for systematic elimination of opposing figures in the church, a political and vengeance tool used by the elite of the Catholic Church for personal gain.

I think you now know why I said that we are all pawns (and expendable ones for that matter) – angels and demons!

Yet there is so much to say about this sect… TO BE CONTINUED…

Today is palm Sunday (and Fool’s Day) and I have pulled one hell of a prank on the parochial priest that has left him mad at me. Why the heck doesn’t he know what’s happening around him?

The coming week, the Holy Week, would be very busy.

Easter is here, and so much would happen – for one many people would flee the city (to Mombasa with family and/or partner to laze on the white sands beaches waiting for some cop to arrest them for indecent exposure, taking photos of themselves nude/half nude and uploading them on Facebook then waiting for some equally idle Facebooker to comment or like them. Others would be going to shagz – upcountry – to be with their rural families before coming back to the city looted of their last cent by relatives after Easter Monday).
For me, I would be doing what I was called to do.

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