The Rogue Priest (Episode #3)

This week things have been oh so off the curve. I did not get to see Shiri – the whole week. There was a lot to be done at the parish – I had to be part of the priests selected to officiate in the requiem mass of the fallen environment minister, John Michuki, but I ended up at the Resurrection Gardens waiting for college students from several colleges that were to come for retreat; then the bishop send me to Mombasa where he had a meeting with his Mombasa counterpart. I almost called Sister Batel (another Israeli) to revive our relationship in a night of passion.

The rollercoaster came on Thursday when Shiri called me and told me that she was going to Israel – business stuff.

You know, Shiri is this alpha female (and a femme fatale to her CV) who has made it in almost every field: she is a quasi Managing Editor of her Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth media house that, in conjunction with Aljazeera, opened an African branch in Kenya where she is the Managing Editor; she has started this software company – Gevin Technologies – where she is the Director and Company Secretary and she is an author – she has written two best selling anthologies of poems and is currently writing a fiction novel set in Kenya and Israel.

Shiri is one gentle soul you can’t fail to long to be with. Despite all her accomplishments and successes in life she lives a very normal live, methinks. She’s so humble that she could tie your shoe strings without being asked. You just need to be with her to get the template of humanity.

What I don’t like about this whole thing is that I am lying to her. I would love to please her, be with her always – but I know she would be hurt big time when she knows that I am a priest.

As I write this I miss her like crazy. I hope I don’t hurt her – though this is inevitable. I am denied such satisfaction-giving by my vocation, and I am a rogue priest on the verge of being excommunicated when the pope hears this.

In the meantime, lemme live – tomorrow never dies.

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