The Rogue Priest (Episode 1)

 Flower vendors, candy shops and card makers have made a kill this week.

I watched the insanity of 14th February this year with disdain – the annual day of love(when male machismo is weathered and testosterone deep-frozen) has been over-commercialised.

Heavy pedestrian traffic(garbed in reds in stark contrast with their complexions) clogged the streets with love packages and cloying bouquets.

This day I had a date(a new catch) at one of the cities cosiest restaurants. You should have seen me, a whole priest, carrying a bouquet of roses just to flow with the expectations(I had already done my calculations – the payment was going to be hundredfold the whole night)) for some lady I had met two days before(something I knew I was not supposed to be doing).

So, imagine my disappointment when Shiri(she’s Hembrew) told me that it was fantastic dining with me, that she had enjoyed it and she hoped to see more of me. Gosh! I cursed the sensless devil for wasting my precious time(no money. The bitch was paying). I wondered whether those intelligent probing eyes of hers had seen through me and realized how lusty I was(no heartstrings for her).

Love with five-star treatment is neither a necessity nor a meaningful expression of love on Valentine’s Day without some action between the sheets.

But trust me, it won’t be long before I sweet-talk her out of her knickers…

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