The Rogue Priest(Episode 2)

I had a date for this years’ Valentine’s Day, but I am happy the hullabaloo is over.

Oestrogen-filled-hearts are not fluttering like a butterfly(they are settling down to beating normally), flowers have withered and been dumped,  and life is back.

The good thing is that I have had three nice meals this week(cooked at home).

The bad thing(sinful even) is that I am absconding my holy orders duties.

On Monday I was not concentrating during the adoration hour, I almost dropped the monstrance during benediction.

I was late for Tuesday morning mass thus I had to skip – unlike me – the sermon so that those who get to office early were not late.

On Wednesday I asked a deacon to go to listen to confessions while I gallivanted around Nairobi with the swanky Shiri.

 On Thursday I at least tried to do what I was ordained(or is it called?) to do – I officiated the evening mass and well, stayed the night at the vicarage.

As obvious, Members’ Day – Friday – was as usual – revelry. This day we had sex(on our fourth date) – and I mean hard sex – till the moon became the sun.

To keep my façade I had to remain indoors with Shiri the whole of Saturday. I had to come up with an excuse of excuses to rush back to the vicarage – I was to conduct this week’s Sunday mass.

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