The Bachelorette Diaries(Wk1, 2012).

What would you think of me if I said I am a bachelorette(happy and enjoying it)? Well, I know you have got so many possible answers(of which I won’t speculate sweetheart – I leave conjecture to the media dudes and dudettes).

               When this year started(after the  usual once in a year orgies) I found myself drafting my New Year(2012) resolutions. I never used to come up with resolutions. Instead I called them propositions due to the adage that we propose but God disposes – never mind I was a religious fanatic, but over the years I have drifted further and further from what many a people call The Way, thanks to guys like Dan Brown for Da Vinci Code and Richard Dawkins for  The God Delusion; and movies like Babylon 5. Call it latent atheism, but know that I am so close yet so far away from God. Veneration of that which man finds difficult or inconvenient to believe is my religion.

                   Anyways, back to my new year’s resolutions – the cardinal resolution is to get myself hitched this year. Honestly, I need this with all my might, body, mind and soul.

                  You know, I am this kinda Miss Independent girl – got looks, financially stable and my star  is ever shining – something many men find hard to cope with. I have not had a man in my life for the past nine years, and March would make it a decade, since I was twenty-three(at three o’clock, three days after being relieved of my twenty-three years’ virginity).

              Before you started guessing what the hell happened, lemme finish about my new year’s resolutions…

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