The Bachelorette Diaries(Wk 3, 2012)

Talk of Queens(and Princesses) and frogs.  I have not kissed many frogs. Actually, I have kissed only one so far(I must be kidding, right?).  At thirty something and all I can show of my kiss conquest is just one toad! I don’t think I owe anyone an explanation(unless you sue me, or form a local tribunal to investigate my conduct and subpoena me).
As usual, Mondays are blue – and today is no exception. I don’t drink much – the weekend hangover is actually a hang down. When I get to the office exactly five minutes to eight(my custom), I can’t help thinking it is third week into the new year and I have not made any progress.
They(I don’t know who the hell they are) say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and every step you make takes you away from the start point to the Final Destination. I have not even thought of taking the step leave alone planning the journey.
I must joking, right? Funny how we come up with New Year(every other new year) resolutions determined to live to them only to be carried off along the way even before January ends. Actually, we push our resolutions to the bottom of our to-do-list the minute January blues tsunami hits.
But I am not letting that happen. No, not me. I must get hitched…

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