The Bachelorette Diaries(Wk 2, 2012)

The second cardinal resolution was to be happy and comfortable with myself no matter what(love my relationship status and not give a damn even if I don’t get hooked) – paradoxical, right? Lemme explain before you jump into conclusions.

                My wanting to get hitched does not mean that I am desperate – no, never. That can’t happen. I love me, myself and I with undivided devotion, the way I am. That is why I won’t go around flirting with any Tom, Dick(pun intended) and Harry(triple pun).
I am one choosy girl – it does not matter the guy’s resume is rich like Muammar Gadaffi’s Libya(oil) that Indiana is a distant comparison. Well, that is me.

            At early thirties, a woman like me needs a mature man, not necessarily older, but one with a sense of belonging and direction.

              If I may borrow from the all time bestseller, the bible, it is much harder for a boy trapped in a man’s body to make it to my heart than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. What’s even worse is to be caught raiding the cradle.

              It is not like I have working possibilities to consider, but my keen eye has taught me to watch from a distance before I pounce. And well, I must guarantee you that here the hunter is the hunted – remember my cardinal resolution?(I here military gooks say that the cardinal principle of war is selection and maintenance of aim).

              For God’s sake I’m still a girl in need of warmth and love. Yes, I might be Miss Independent, but deep inside I am a girl – vulnerable and all.

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