Have You Ever Fallen in Love with Two Persons at The Same Time?

Excerpt from Loveletter Box Diary by Rick Valens.
Hmmm…? Have you ever fallen in love with two persons at the same time? I should suppose your answer is a yes?

Well, there is definitely nothing wrong with that. What to say, we are human afterall, creature of great emotions. There is no way we can stop that very love chemical from producing and pumping within us. It is just very natural for one to develop a liking for another opposite sex especially when they are just physically attractive in appearance too. And not to mention that when the both are also getting along very well with one another?
In our interactions with one another, there just couldn’t be only one but many of also others opposite sex whom we would meet. And very often, we would just develop a liking for some of them, sometimes even more than just two.
That is life. Life is just full of choices.
But then again, what is the meaning of choice? Very simple, it means having to make a decision over which to choose and in this case whom to be choosing, choosing the one whom you are going to love.
Yup, there is nothing wrong with fallen in love with more than one person as long as at the end of the day, you make your choice. And to be able to truly experience some real love, you have to.
Yes, it is only when you are physically into a real relationship will you be able to then acquire and truly experience that real joyfulness and sweetness of being in love. If you never give yourself that chance to be in one, you will just never feel it.

Even a child understands this. Recall your childhood. I should believe that you have experienced wanting just everything when you were at the toy store. Everything just seem so fascinating to you then, wasn’t it? So you cried and bet for your mum and dad to buy them for you. And very often, you are only given the choice of choosing only one. But you refused the offer and continue to cry hoping you would be able to just get everything. And what happened in the end? You ended up with nothing at all. So you grown smarter choosing only one the next time, successfully getting what you want and eventually get to enjoy playing with your new toy, having lot of funs with it didn’t you?

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