Friday, September 30, 2016

Northern Nigeria

July 2040

Three children are sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says, “Look, the sun is dancing!”

At first it looks like the sun is blinking, spiralling. The glowing light then begins to move downward, closer to the children. At first it is a round glow, then begins to flatten out as it comes even closer.

“It is the sun falling,” another says. “Let’s run or we will burn.”

Before the children run, three smaller lights drop from the larger one, which quickly moves up and disappears from sight. The three smaller light objects begin to move over the stream.

The objects put on a show for the children: zigzagging manoeuvres, loops, and then descend like falling leaves. The three objects move even closer to the baffled children. The objects pass over the children, then shoot upward and momentarily disappear. They reappear and drop into the stream. When they re-emerge from the shallow water, they glide toward the children.

There is a childlike creature in each of the light objects. The creatures have elongated necks, big heads, and no hair. Their eyes are large, and extended around the side of their heads. The children hear a buzzing sound, then feel dizzy. They open their mouths to scream, but no words come out. They all grab their throats as a lump blocks their windpipes.

The light objects move directly above them, and shoot beams at them. They realize they are floating, trying to reach at each other for support. Their silent screams are drowned as they are taken up.

Nyeri, Kenya

Same Day

At 3:00 p.m., Mary Mugo stands at the window of her 5th Floor office overlooking Nyeri town. Outside, the town is a buzz, people going about their lives as though there’s nothing going on. Hovering above the town, about sixty feet above the skyscrapers, is a flying object. The object is saucer-shaped, with a transparent bubble-like dome in the centre, and is tilted slightly towards her.

Mary sees humanoid figures standing. She estimates the figures to be about six feet tall, wearing dark clothing, and some sort of headgear. As she watches, one of the humanoids notices her and touches the other. The other humanoid looks up, rushes to a chrome, dial-covered instrument, reaches for a joystick and the object disappears in the clouds.

Secret Extra-Terrestrial Command Centre, Libya

Same Day,

“General, you are looking a bit green around the gills today. Don’t worry so much, we aren’t going to eat you,” the alien commander says. “Didn’t I tell you that we’re your friends? We don’t eat our friends. But you’ve not kept your end of the bargain. We had a deal, General.”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts, General. We need human children to feed our people. Our kind are starving, dying. There are twelve billion humans today, seven billion of them children. How many times are we going to tell you that your uncontrolled breeding is the extinction of human race? We offered you a solution, to let us control your burgeoning population. You are now developing weapons and arming yourselves to go to war with us.”

“Humans cannot allow your kind to rule us you cannibalistic monsters…”

“Careful, General. Under intergalactic laws, a race that destroys itself like you humans do should be exterminated. It is our responsibility to enforce such law. You are lucky we didn’t just invade your planet and exterminate you. We offered a solution: to reduce your population to optimum levels. Three or four billion is what humans should be for sustainability. Both of us benefit. You don’t want to compromise that?”

“We are not stupid,” the General says. “You aliens have been hovering in our upper atmosphere for thousands of years pretending to be space tourists, observing us, studying us. You don’t see much of a difference between us humans, the cows, the pigs and the sheep. You think that we are about as smart as a deep fried brick, how do we convince you not to prey on us, or negotiate with you, or expect us to believe you won’t double cross us?”

“You don’t, General. You stand to lose either way. We decide when humans die, when your meat is most to our tastes. You have overpopulated the planet. With our advanced capabilities, we will simply tweak your reality, you will die of cancer and heart failure and it is unlikely you will ever challenge the reality we provide for you. Only a species that believes in the Power of Love alone is spared under interstellar law... and your kind, General, have no unselfish love that sacrifices their most prized possessions for the greater good.

“We will take all your children, none will be spared, if you’ve failed to sacrifice six billion of them to regulate your population…”


  1. Weren't you going somewhere with this Sci-fi? You'd got me in the mode... and then?

    1. Well, yes. I hope the slamming of the breaks weren't disappointing or a great mistake.

    2. Not disappointing. It just seemed like the story was getting ready to take off. I'm guessing you will let this one unfold in stages? It feels like a novel😊


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