Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Dad,

I hope you are now the Chief of Defence of Forces Kenya Defence Forces. It is a thousand years over here in the Galaxy Cloestolphea since we arrived, but I think Earth years are longer than Planet Spyria’s. I am writing to warn you of an alien invasion on Earth. I don’t know how, or whether, you will get this letter, but I just have to. If you get it, mobilize your armies. Mobilize the world. The aliens don’t care what or who you are. They want the planet cleaned of human life. They want the Earth to themselves.

When we arrived, the aliens took their standard planetary health check. They do that every time they visit that ‘backwater’, Earth. The readings were off the charts, though I did not know what they meant. They studied the data on us, but it seemed the more they read the more conflicting it was. They tried to download memories from us in order to understand us better.  

Aliens started visiting Earth long before they made their first contact on 29th June, 1856. They were responsible for the disappearance of the Cuban resident Portuguese hot air balloon pilot, Matias Perez. Before then they stayed unnoticed, ubiquitous, and observed for centuries, gathering data, learning about every form of life on Earth. They knew that humans were the end of the Universe as they pumped toxins into the skies while the aliens struggled to correct the imbalances. By the alien calculations, humans’ actions would kill the planet and all life she cradled and so they had no choice but to open communications.

The alien commander, from his space station, stretched out his antennae and tuned into the minds of humans and what he felt almost killed him. There was intelligence, determination and courage from many humans but the selfishness, pain and destruction that flowed from the Homo sapiens almost fried his neural network. He dissolved into the wall of the spacecraft to mingle with his comrades. It was not a discussion but a joint feeling they arrived at. Either humans had to be re-educated or eradicated. In their telepathic manner they decided that abduction of humans was the best way. They summoned the intergalactic snatch squad and issued the orders. That’s what I have learnt.

Under intergalactic law no species are considered intelligent if they destroy their home world, no matter how advanced or complex their technologies may be. Yet humans have the cornerstones of true intelligence—love, imagination, empathy. Lack of true intelligence means a mandate for the eradication of the problematic, destructive species.
The alien agents on Earth follow orders without question. It is for the benefit of the whole Universe. Since 1856, hundreds of aircrafts have disappeared mysteriously, without a trace. Others have crashed battling the aliens. That’s why investigators never found the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which disappeared on 8th May, 2015.

On the day I think you say the Kenya Airways Flight KQ707 disappeared like the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in the Earth year 2017, on 13th July, we did not know the plane was being hijacked by aliens. We thought it was terrorists at first, but when they removed the Kaffiyehs and transformed themselves before us, we knew that they were not ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or Al-Shabaab. They commandeered the plane to their ship which was in stealth mode in the Earth’s atmosphere. Giant metallic hands grabbed the Flight KQ707 and attached it to the ship as though it was part of it. After that I don’t know how we moved.
Even today, so many years after the fact, I can’t describe the aliens that took us. All I can remember is how their hexagonal eyes glowed, and they smelt like nougat. Whatever else they were like has somehow been erased from my mind.

Whenever they want to know something about us they enter through the cerebral fluid. You know nothing of the attack except you can smell something quite metallic. Once inside the body they feast on the sugars. We have lost so much weight to the point of being scrawny. We were happy at first and we hoped we would be coming back to show off our new physiques. But the loss continued no matter what alien food we ate, the monsters getting more and more efficient at taking our blood and sugars, growing tendrils ever deeper. If you want it to end, you have to accept to be alien-kind, made a human-alien (hulien) hybrid.

Most of the passengers of the Flight KQ707 are now huliens. I have seen others who’ve told me were in the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. The huliens have penetrated the aliens’ leadership and command. They now know the aliens’ plan for humans—to take over the Earth. And it is soon.

The aliens think that they have won by turning most of us to huliens, but there is something they can’t turn—humanity. The huliens still feel, love, imagine, and are empathic like humans, and still think, communicate, and transform like aliens.
The aliens have a beef with humans. They are planning an invasion. Word from the huliens has it that the aliens have decided that humans’ final days on Earth are nigh.  The alien High Council and High Command have decided: extermination is the only solution, intergalactic laws must be applied.

One of the huliens in High Command has come across a TOP SECRET document detailing why human race will be exterminated: humans abuse their own kind, kill each other, wage war after war despite being told not to kill, run the economies to the degradation of the planet. Humans have been warned by the Creator Herself, but still they ignore. Remorse is easy when humans face annihilation, but it doesn’t last long. If humans weren’t all so desperate to get to their “heaven” they would have realized they were already there. But before they complete the process of making it a “hell” we will go to save Planet Earth, whether they like it or not…

Dad, there are some huliens who support the aliens. If you get this letter, tell the world to mobilize your armies.

I don’t speak alien, I have a hulien friend. I’m still Annie, but I go by Xathanael.


Daughter X.


  1. This is creatively awesome,I like the letter format of the plot, reminds me of the Somalia soldier story you posted sometime. I like how you included the missing Malaysian aircraft and the others you mentioned, gives the fiction thingy a feel of verisimilitude. Good one Vin!

    1. Thank you Nduka. You, and Rujeko here, are giving more than encouragement. It is a genre called faction (mixture of fact and fiction) which I find more alluring and easy to write.

      Thanks, always.

  2. You're really developing a knack for these futuristic, sci-fi, bio- factional stories aren't you? This is where the African literary landscape is headed especially in Young Adult fiction! Keep this up Vincent and we'll be watch movies on your works in the near future. Bringing the Robert Ludlums, Terry Pratchetts and Neil Gaimans to Africa! Mmh! you were a woman I'd say 'You go girl!' Not sure how to quite say it for a man without the phrase losing its attitude and oompf! Lol! Nice one Vincent. Just try to stretch yourself a little further next time and make the story more plot-centered so we can experience some action!

    1. That coming from you is more than endorsement. You don't know how much I miss your comments. With you it's like telling me I am somewhere in the literary sphere. Like, what I liked about Chimamanda is when she said that she didn't need awards and prizes to know she is good, her readers gave that to her.

      You are the one who is doing that for me.

      Now, if I were a girl, perhaps I am a girl wannabe that's why most of my characters are female. But you can tell me 'go on guy'.


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