Friday, December 25, 2015

In 2008, women started disappearing mysteriously in Naivasha, Kenya. Fathers thought their daughters had eloped with their surreptitious lovers, and estranged men believed that their wives, fiancĂ©es and girlfriends had loved it far from their arms. To date the women have never been found. 

After investigations, police in Naivasha arrested 24-year-old Mukoma wa Wairimu, cousin to Geoffrey Matheri alias Fungo who had confessed to and jailed for kidnapping, raping and draining his victims blood and drinking it as instructed by his Bishop. 

Mukoma wa Wairimu confessed to sacrificing the women to gods. The case never went to trial as the police never adduced evidence. Mukoma was remanded at Naivasha Maximum Security Prison, the hell where he is rotting in. 

The self-confessed serial killer and self-proclaimed ‘Hand of God’ spoke to me from Naivasha Maximum Security Prison. I don’t want God to tell me that He was in prison and I did not go to see Him. After all, it is in the spirit of celebrating Christmas the way the church says we do it.

As if from the shadows, the automatic door of the Max Room opened and a tall figure in Smith & Wesson Belly Waist-chain handcuffs entered.  When I could see him better, I held in a gasp. He was nothing like the media stories we had told the world: tall, dark and handsome, with no overgrown fangs, your regular guy. His ebony skin glistened in the fluorescent light, his dark eyes fixed on me as though he remembered me from another world.

When he settled across me on the other side of the interview table, I went straight to the interview. The miniature camera on my blouse was recording for my Nut Cases series on Crime TV.  


Me: Why? Why did you do it? 

Mukoma: The gods, cute lady. The gods. They wanted it. They ordered me to. I am an instrument of the gods. And not just gods. For God. It is in the Bible. Come to think of it. God makes terrorists look like boy scouts. This God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse, human sacrifice and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children. If you think I’m a nutcase, go read your Bible before you air this investigative piece for your Crime TV.
It is this God and His Celestial Choirs of Principalities who ordered me to kill those women even after the Ten Commandments say ‘Thou shall not kill’. 1 Chronicles 21, Deuteronomy three, Joshua six, Judges 21…

 Me: Why women then?

Mukoma: Aha, women. Sacrifice is the synonym of Woman and Woman is the synonym of Sacrifice. It is much easier to get the required blood from women than men. The trick is, rape her and all the blood drains to the upper body, especially the area around the neck. Then puncture one of the veins and voila! You have mugs and mugs of blood… plus women are not of much use to God?! 

Look, Allah gives them up to terrorists for eternity. 72 of them to a single terrorist for fucking forever. Does that show that God has use for them? 

Me: (Astounded) You don’t seem sorry for what you have done…?

Mukoma: Sorry? Sorry for what? I am the Hand of God. God has to be worshipped. And this worship involves sacrifice. Tell me, what wouldn’t God do if He sacrificed Jesus whom everyone believes was His son? Whom you believe was His son? Blood is the tincture of true sacrifice…

Me: OK, you are scaring me. But tell me, does this god have a religion?

Mukoma: Aaahaa! I know what you want to say, that I am in a cult. God is God. It doesn’t matter He is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Indian, or whatever. He is just God. I know that you are a Christian, and you believe that God is a good and loving god, and wants you to do good things, like visiting me here today. But you don’t read the Bible as you should. You just read certain passages in church on Sundays. That’s understandable, as there is no time to read the Bible. Also many priests and pastors don’t like to read certain passages in the Bible because they present a message that would drive the people away from their churches…

ME: (Interjects) How would you go about it as though it is normal?

Mukoma: I was chosen and given special powers by God. When you are chosen, you are not supposed to aid the police in their investigation, or reveal more about your sacrifice. The least you can do is tell the police that your victims were sacrificed. Whoever wants to see the bodies can go to God Himself and ask Him…

Me: Human blood and flesh…?

Mukoma: Is very sweet, delicious. I killed so many women that my house looked like an abattoir. I took their blood to Mugiki shrines for oath taking and other rituals, and their breasts and private parts to a certain church in Nairobi. What do you call them these days, prosperity gospel churches?!

Me: Do you think you will ever be released?

Mukoma: Madam, it doesn’t matter. Whether I’m released or not, I will get out of here, Maximum Security or not. It is the will of God. It is a cycle. Every thirteen years He must be sacrificed to with as many sacrifices as possible to last for another thirteen years, or thirty-nine. This time round, it is thirteen. I have been in prison for nine, right? I must be out on the thirteenth year because I am still the Hand of God… I can’t die until I have offered sacrifices to Him at least thrice…


My interview with the vampire of Naivasha took hours. Christmas well spent. He was not sorry he had killed all those women, and hinted nothing about where he buried them. Apparently the killings were like a banquet for him. When I looked horrified he just laughed and said it wasn’t like he was doing something wrong, he was on dispensation by higher prelates, and I shouldn’t worry. Since I had visited him in prison he wouldn’t sacrifice me when he got out—

“Sophia’s voice is sexy on Nut Cases, I can’t take it away,” he said. And he is a diehard fan of Crime TV.


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